Interview with Artist Jason Edmiston



In early March 2015 I flew to Austin, Texas for the opening night of ‘Eyes Without A Face,’ a gallery show of new works from painter Jason Edmiston hosted by Mondo. The show was gallery’s first show of all original works with no prints available of any of the artwork. Edmiston created over 100 portraits, each focused on the eyeline of a major player in pop culture history.


'Jason Voorhees' by Jason Edmiston for 'Eyes Without a Face'
‘Jason Voorhees’ by Jason Edmiston for ‘Eyes Without a Face’


A few days before he was set to fly to Austin and prep the show, Edmiston took the time to chat with me over the phone for an interview that covered the show, the importance of caring for your fans, and his recent collaborations with artists Mike Mitchell, Jock, and Daniel Danger.

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