‘Youth in the City’ on Amazon

I wrote a book. ‘Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions‘ is a collection of short stories and vignettes written during my years in San Francisco. The book is 60+ or 80+ pages depending on format, digital or paper. The original working papers are close to 1,000. Did quite a bit of editing.

Currently it’s available on Amazon and I’m sure a few other places. Pick it up in paperback HERE.

The crux —

“‘Youth in the City’ finds a series of wandering narrators, lost and searching. Part imagined future, these series of vignettes imagine the world as a caustic enemy with the only freedoms being sex, alcohol, and the quest for God.’

The excerpt —

“Jesus was a horrific villain. To corral and gather a crowded mass, this is the true body of evil. The only real good is in solitude, separate mannerisms.

We, mankind, are the ones that named a group of planets a universe, but earth is unto itself. Free and floating, no God above and not God below, but God within. Each of us, our own personal Lord and Savior.”

'Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions' by Chris Jalufka
‘Youth in the City: Various Small Fictions’ by Chris Jalufka

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